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"To leave everything we touch better than when we found it."

 Michael & Ashlea Sogard have been reviving the Dayton area for the past 6 years. This husband and wife duo brings a passion for real estate and an eye for design, resulting in the most innovative and forward thinking flipping business in the Dayton area. Their goal is to ensure Dayton and the surrounding communities continue to improve — one home at a time. The strategy is to find neglected homes that offer loads of potential, re-designing them to appeal to all buyers — and ultimately increase the property values of a community as a whole.

Their design style consists of clean lines and modern architecture with rustic elements thrown in at every opportunity. Each home is re-configured to create an open entertaining space that allows the cooking, dining, and living experience to be shared with the whole family. Every home has its own unique qualities and their desire is to maximize the space available, even if that means moving a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. Each design has a certain Ashgard flair that is unmistakable; though the tile, cabinets, flooring, and fixtures may change at each location, the overall look and feel of the space is undeniably an Ashgard creation.